Swimming In Lake Bunyonyi

Do not miss swimming in Lake bunyonyi during your stay at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort. Swimming is one way of freshening from anxiety after long hours in gorilla trekking and driving from far way places. Interestingly, Lake bunyonyi is free from  dangerous water animals like crocodiles, hippos and also bilharzia free hence the  safest place for swimming. Though it’s the deepest lake in Uganda and second largest in Africa, Lake bunyonyi is easy to swim in. some areas have been enclosed for swimming.


Tips for Swimming

  • Be effective and relaxed to avoid getting exhausted easily
  • Avoid swimming in waters
  • Keep your head level in the backstroke
  • Exhale into the water
  • Reduce the drag resistance that your body produces – balance yourself and feel free
  • Slightly spread your fingers
  • Keep your body as horizontal as possible to keep water around you

When is the best time to swim?

  • Swimming can be done in all seasons. However dry season is the best time enjoy a cool dive into the calm waters of Africa’s second deepest lake . Swimming in  rainy season is risky especially for beginners.


    In general, swimming is an enjoyable game worth doing. Stay at lake Bunyonyi lake resort, go swimming and enjoy your stay with us