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Lake Bunyonyi Child Development Centre is a locally owned orphanage founded in local communities around Lake Bunyonyi southwestern Uganda.  The orphanage was established in 2010 aimed at promoting and uplifting the welfare of orphans and vulnerable families around Lake Bunyonyi and Kababel  district in general. We target children aged 3 to 25 years and teenage mothesr between 13-15 years especially those who dropped out of school at primary level.  We address psychosocial, environmental and economic problems among children, girls, women and the community at large.


Lake Bunyonyi Child Development Centre seeks to meet the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual needs of orphans, street kids, disabled and children from income families in Lake Bunyonyi.



We aim at helping orphans and vulnerable children providing them with education, shelter, food, and clothes to ensure their wellbeing and improved standards of living.


Lake Bunyonyi Child Development Centre headquarters are located in   Butanda Sub county Kabale district Uganda


  1. To provide education for little children from nursery to tertiary level
  2. To equip children with practical skills such as swimming, poultry, craft making, and dancing which enable them cope up with daily needs in present and future
  3. To help children secure talents with dignity
  4. To organize parents support outreach programs raising awareness and generating support for the organization
  5. To conduct training and research for building human resources, supporting initiative, generating resources for supporting quality services and advocacy
  6. To provide agriculture through organic farming and poultry


Lake Bunyonyi Child Development Centre supports and takes part in different activities which include among others:

  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Dancing
  • Drama
  • Swimming
  • Meditation


Membership to Lake Bunyonyi Child Development Centre is by request to the project director at the general assembly. All group members are then asked if they approve the new member before he/she is declared a member.

More so, group members are allowed to do all kinds of activities for the betterment of the organization.



We request for donation from organizations and travelers who wish to support and promote wellbeing of the orphaned and vulnerable children in areas around Lake Bunyonyi and Kabale district as whole.  We accept all kinds of donations in monetary terms, food, clothes, and scholastic materials among others