Island Exploration

Explore the islands of lake Bunyonyi during  your stay at Lake Bunyonyi rock Resort. A cruise to different islands that make up this beautiful lake is a life time experience that you will live to remember. The lake is comprised of 29 islands each of which has a different story and features.  You will meet and interact with local people who live on some of these islands. Also a nature walk on the island gives you a fresh feeling of being in the  middle of Africa’s second deepest Lake. The islands of Lake Bunyonyi are:

Punishment island (Akampena)


This is the most visited island on Lake Bunyonyi.  as its name says, punishment island  was used by traditional Bakiga to punish girls who got pregnant before marriage. The punishment island is where Bakiga unmarried pregnant girls would be taken and left to die in isolation. Some of the lucky girls that were left on the island to die would be picked and taken  for marriage by men who had no money for bride price

Up Side Down Island (Bucuranuka Island)

The island is locally translated as upside down. Its believed that  at one time a group of about  twenty Bakiga men were brewing sorghum beer on the island then  an old lady appeared and  asked for a sip. They rudely refused her and told her to go away . She then asked for someone to take her to the mainland  on a canoe to which they agreed as they wanted to get rid of her. They sent one of the young men to take her a cross on the main land. When they young man was returning he saw the Island turning upside down and all the brewers perished. 

  • Bushara Island
  • Bwama island
  • Itambira island
  • Kyahugye island
  • Njuyeera island
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