Mountain Biking at Lake Bunyonyi

Adventure Lake Bunyonyi on a mountain bike. Here you ride through local communities, farms and centers around lake bunyonyi. Mountain Biking is one of the most done tourist activities in Lake Bunyonyi. The experience offers you a close interaction with local people, kids waving at you on the roadside and an actual feeling of Africa. […]

ZipLining at Lake Bunyonyi

Are you an adventure traveler, Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort offers you the best zip lining experience at affordable rates. Swing on top of the calm waters of Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa located in south western Uganda. High ropes are connected between trees on the opposite shores of the lake and travelers […]

Island Exploration

Explore the islands of lake Bunyonyi during  your stay at Lake Bunyonyi rock Resort. A cruise to different islands that make up this beautiful lake is a life time experience that you will live to remember. The lake is comprised of 29 islands each of which has a different story and features.  You will meet […]

Bukola BlackSmith

Visit bukola blacksmither to witness how different objects are done. The local people make various projects wrought iron. They them use hammer to bend and cut heated objects using the hammer. Various objects such as furniture, knives, gates, rings,  hoes, spoons, pangas, saucepans, sculpture, forks and light fixtures are made. Heating is normally done using […]