Birthday Parties

Birthday parties on Lake Bunyonyi

At Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort, we offer our clients with surprise birthday parties to celebrate a travelers new age and make your day colorful. If you have a birthday, inform any staff at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort before and wait for your surprise. If you are booking through a travel agent, inform him/her before time and wait for your surprise. Early in the morning, our team will wake you up with a birthday song welcoming your new age. At un predictable time, our team will surprise you with a cake making your accompanied by songs and dances.

What to Expect

  • Special birthday Cake
  • Wine/sodas
  • Food
  • Birthday songs
  • Dances
  • All to make your birthday colorful and welcome you in a new age

    Birthday Party At Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

    Birthday at Lake Bunyonyi
    Birthday at Lake Bunyonyi
    Lake Buyonyi Rock Resort
    Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort