Bird Watching

Are you a birder? Lake Bunyonyi is undeniably a haven for birders. Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort offer travelers with  birding on the shores of lake Bunyonyi and in swampy and forested areas around the lake. Juts as its name says, lake Bunyonyi is locally translated as a place for little birds hence one of the birding spots in the pearl of Africa.

Canoeing/boat cruising is one best way of enjoying Uganda birding tour on lake Bunyonyi. Travelers boat ride to the shores of the lake that give them closer views of different birds some of which are endemic to this area lake is believed to shelter over 200 bird species. Among the birds to expect in lake Bunyonyi include grey crowned cranes, levillant cuckoo, white tailed monad, slender-billed baglafetch, weavers, African harrier hawk, egrets, cardinal woodpecker, grey crowned cranes, African  king fisher, herons. Sunbirds, raptors, golden-backed weaver, bee eaters, pin tailed whyder, great cormorant, Bronzy sunbird, Hadada ibis, grey shrike, malachite kingfisher, fan-tailed widow bird,  and black herons among other birds.

Important things every birder should know

To ensure you have a memorable birding experience in Uganda,
we bring you important things you must know. These include among others:

  • The bird’s general impression, shape and size.
  • Knowing the bill of the bird helps you identify
    which bird it and which food it feed on
  • The color and lengths of the bird’s legs is also
    important for birders
  • Understand the bird’s plumage
  • Pay attention to the voice of each bird. Birds
    have different voices which make them different

A deep understanding of each birds unique features is a key step in achieving memorable birding experiences.

Birding tips

Birders are advised to consider the following birding tips to ensure memorable birding experience with no or less difficult.

  1. First your naked eyes to look around while listening to where the voices of birds come from.
  2. After tracing where the birds are, step back, hold you binoculars up to your eyes an capture the best moments
  3. Do not make loud voices which can scare way the birds
  4. Protect you binocular if you are not using them
  5. Do not be too close to the birds, you will not capture god shots if you are close

In general, birding watching is one of the top things to do and see on lake Bunyonyi. Enjoy your Uganda birding tour to lake Bunyonyi with lake Bunyonyi rock resort for memorable birding experiences at negotiable rates.