Batwa Community Visits

Travelers who stay at Bunyonyi rock resort have a chance to do Batwa cultural trail. The Batwa experience is  all about learning about the traditional forest life of Batwa pygmies . Travelers are exposed to the traditional forest life of Batwa and how they lived in harmony with wild animals in the jungles of Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks. Spending time with the very short ancient people is a memorable experience which no traveler should miss on his/her Uganda safari.


Batwa pygmies were evicted from the forest after the introduction of gorilla tourism in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks. On meeting the Batwa, travelers entertained with traditional dances , songs and poems as a welcome. From there Batwa guides lead travelers into Mgahinga forest to do different Batwa traditional activities. Batwa cultural trail is mainly conducted by Batwa who serve as local guides, dancers and songs. Its in this experience that Batwa pygmies earn a living to  sustain their families. Among the activities done include

  1. Collecting honey
  2. Collecting firewood
  3. Visiting Ngarama cave  to offer sacrifices and perform other rituals
  4. Hunting wild animals
  5. Fruit gathering


How much is Batwa trail

Like all other activities done in Mgahinga and Bwindi forest national parks, Batwa cultural trail is done at a cost. Each travelers is required to pay $80 to be part of this memorable experience. Unlike in gorilla trekking were visitors are required to pay in advance, travelers to do Batwa cultural trail are allowed to pay on the actual day of the experience. All payments are made in  Kisoro district at the headquarters of Mgahinga gorilla national park


How is it of help to the Batwa?

As said already, Batwa cultural trail is the major source of employment and income to Batwa pygmies. Batwa pygmies fully run the experience in form of guides, dancers and singers. The money collected is given back to Batwa in form of food, clean waters, schools, houses, scholar, scholastic materials among others. Doing a Batwa trail is therefore an indirect way of supporting Batwa pygmies to improve their standards of living.


REMINDER: Endeavor to dress smartly for the bush. Batwa cultural trail involve walking through the forest with thorny bushes, muddy and slippery grounds which make it difficult to pass especially in rain son. Travelers are therefore reminded to wear closed shoes, long pants and carry rain jackets in case of unpredictable forest rains.

Batwa pygmies around Lake Bunyonyi

Still at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort, visit Batwa pygmies in local communities on the lake shores. Experience and enjoy batwa’s traditional perfomances (songs, poems, dances) which tell about their lifestyles