Located on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, Bunyonyi Rock Resort is your comfortable, affordable, eco friendly and best place to stay on your Uganda safari to south western Uganda. Whether you travel for gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest/Mgahinga gorilla national park, golden monkey trekking, Batwa community visits, visiting Lake Bunyonyi or touring any other tourism site in south western Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort offers you exceptional food and sleeping services at affordable rates.

We have a total of 12 rooms 9 of which are luxury (self contained)  while three are basic (not self contained). Five of our luxury rooms  are in the family cottage  three rooms upstairs and two rooms down stairs. Each of these rooms has a private balcony, private showers, clear views of the lake and neighboring communities. Our restaurant serve travelers with all kinds of local and international foods to serve all our travelers interests. The bar is fully stocked with all local, international all served as complementary except the premium drinks.  The arrangement of the rooms can be single, double, twin and triple depending on the number of visitors received and the choice of their sleeping arrangements.

Besides food and sleeping services, Bunyonyi Rock Resort offers travelers with additional activities such as gorilla trekking, swimming, boat cruising, mountain hiking and airport transfers to reward travelers with memorable experiences.

Having served in the tourism industry for over 10 years, Bunyonyi Rock Resort guarantee travelers exceptional services worth the penny. Our professional staff (chefs, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers) ensure smooth service delivery.

Getting to Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

getting to lake bunyonyi rock resort

Single Room

Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Are you a solo Traveler? Our single room offers you comfortable, safe and enjoyable stay. Enjoy the lake views of a single room at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort for as low as $80 a night. The room is big enough for one person with sitting area and self contained. Read More

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Family Cottage

Bunyonyi rock resort

Are you traveling as a family? Our family cottage has five rooms hence your best room to stay with your family.3 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms down stairs each self contained, with private balcony and clear views of the lake. Read more


Double Room

Bunyonyi rock resort

Enjoy the comfort of our double rooms on your visit to Lake Bunyonyi. The beds are big enough to give you comfortable sleep. The room is self contained, with a  sitting area,  private balcony and clear views of the lake and neighboring communities. Read More


Twin Room

Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Traveling with your friend/mate? Our twin room is the best place for you to stay. Each twin room has 2 beds medium size to offer you comfortable and sweet sleep. All twin rooms are  self contained with a sitting clear and private balcony. Read More


Triple Room

lakre Bunyonyi Rock Resort

We have the very best triple  spacious rooms for you and your other two friends. A triple room compromises of 3 single beds hence the best sleeping  arrangement for a group of 3 mates. The rooms are  self contained, has sitting area and clear views of Lake Bunyonyi. Read More


Basic Rooms

Rooms at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Stay in our basic rooms for a fresh feeling of  an African home. Unlike the other rooms, basic rooms are not self contained but they are lovely in their own kind. The arrangement of  basic rooms can be single or double. Read More


Rock Bungalow

Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Our Rock Bungalow is the best place to stay with you family. The house has 5 rooms 3 upstaris and 2  down stairs all overlooking the Lake. It also has a kitchen, seating and dining room which all make you fell home outside home. Read More


The Restaurant & Bar

Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Our restaurant serves you with all kinds local and international foods. We have professional staff (chef, waiters and waitresses) ensure timely and quality food service delivery at all times. Read More


Only one night, but excellent stay
I stayed at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort only for one night, after a gorilla trek with my wife. The place is very well kept, eco-friendly and staff welcoming. Food was excellent and also the room, with lake view, was clean and comfortable. The bed was actually a triple or more….literally a giant bed!
To reach there to the Resort was a bit an adventure due to the long rough road, but the place really worth a stay for its position. Highly recommended.

Location of Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

What to See and Do

In addition to food and sleeping services, Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort arrange various tourist activities for clients. We take our visitors for mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi/Mgahinag gorilla parks, Batwa community tours, boat cruising and bird watching  to make their safari a complete package.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Bwindi Forest
Go gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest/Mgahinga gorilla national parks. An encounter with gorillas in the jungle is the best wildlife experience in the world. 17 gorilla families have been habituated for trekking in Uganda everyday. Read More

Golden Monkey Trrekking

Mgahinga gorilla national park

Enjoy guided golden monkey ours to Mgahinga gorilla national park for as low as $100 per permit. Golden monkeys are lively playful creatures whose encounter is a once in lifetime experience. The golden fur make them different from others. Read More

Boat Riding/Canoeing

Join a boat ride to different islands on Lake Bunyonyi especially the punishment island where the un married pregnant girls were left to die in isolation. Boat riding is the best way to explore all the hidden treasures of Lake Bunyonyi and bird watching. Read More

Bird Watching

Birds of Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi Rock resort offers guided bird watching tours to the shores and swampy area of Lake bunyonyi. Binoculars are recommended for closer spotting of birds from far. Read More

Batwa Community Tours

Batwa pygimies

Visit batwa community villages to learn more about Batwa pygmies forest life such as hunting, fruit gathering, collecting honey and  visiting the Ngarama cave. Read More


Do not miss swimming in the fresh waters of Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in the world. The Lake is free from Bilharzia. Also there are no  dangerous wild water animals like crocodiles assuring you of safety. Read More

Nyombe Swamp

birding at Lake Bunyonyi

Join a boat cruise to explore Nyombe Swamp, home to numerous bird species including Cinnamon Chested Bee Eaters; Pied King Fisher, Malachite King Fishers and, Long Tailed Cormorants among others. Read More

Mountain Bike Cycling

Enjoy mountain biking/bicycling through local villages, farms, homes  and hills around Lake Bunyonyi for great views. Mountain biking is the best way to explore areas around Lake Bunyonyi. Read More

Island Exploration

Lake Bunyonyi

Cruise to explore 29 islands of Lake Bunyonyi including Akampene island, bucuraniko island, bushara island and bwama island among others during your stay at Lake Bunyonyi ock Resort. Read more

Bukola Blacksmith

Activities at Lake Bunyonyi

Visit Bukola blacksmiths to experience how different objects including knives, pangas, beads, fabrics, sculptures and gates  are made through heating, bending and cutting metals. Read More

Zip Lining

Activities at Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Do you want to explore Lake Bunyonyi in a more adventurous way, take part in thrilling ziplining experience. The activity involves swinging on a rope on top of the waters across trees on the opposite sides of Lake Bunyonyi.   Ziplining offers you  the best aerial views of the lake, local communities and a fresh feeling. Read More


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Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Payment Methods

To make payments,you can use airtel money, Mtn mobile money if you are in Uganda.Those paying with foreign currrency can use credit card or pesapal to our accounts.